Blockchain Ecosystem Intelligence 


AI-powered, behavior-based intelligence connects cryptocurrency wallet addresses and transactions to real-world entities, enabling your business to secure crypto assets, quantify risk, and remain KYC/AML compliant.

Complete Transaction Heuristics

  • Around-the-clock access to comprehensive address history, including lifetime balance, transaction volume, activity level, and behavior profiling.

  • Customize and build business strategies around real-time ecosystem awareness.

Holistic Risk Scoring

  • Comprehensively evaluate the risks associated with any given business transaction in seconds using our proprietary risk score, taking into account the full range of historical activity for any given wallet.

  • Reduce your liability and avoid interactions with known bad actors and those who have affiliated with them.

Address Identity Labelling

  • Enrich the pseudonymous blockchain ecosystem with state-of-the-art, AI-powered intelligence, connecting wallet addresses to real-world institutions.


  • Identify key market players and bad actors alike operating within your business economy, and take action faster than ever.

On-demand API Insight

  • Query with speed, specificity and ease, enhancing the effectiveness of focused investigations or building broad understanding of your local blockchain ecosystem.

  • 24/7 access to our full investigative arsenal and hands-on analyst support.

AnChain.AI’s analytics and support help us take a proactive stance towards security, ensuring that our customers can trade with confidence.


Shupeng Wu

CTO of Huobi

AnChain's BEI delivers powerful insight into the blockchain ecosystem, including a FICO-like holistic security risk rating that doubles as a dynamic compliance watchlist.


Richard Seiersen

Co-Founder & CEO at Soluble,

Former SVP & CISO at LendingClub, Twilio, GE Healthcare, & Kaiser Permanente.