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Blockchain Ecosystem Intelligence

BEI connects wallet addresses and cryptocurrency transactions to real-world entities, allowing you to secure endpoints, quantify risk, and remain KYC/AML compliant.

Query the intelligence acquired from open and dark web sources, international and domestic sanctions lists, and proprietary analysis to see the bigger picture of your digital ecosystem.

Real-Time Intelligence

Quantify user, address and transaction risk. A KYC/AML screening plus on-chain transaction monitoring solution, all-in-one.

KYC/AML Risk Score

Uncover new relationships and insights as investigations progress. Start with any wallet address or transaction identifier and trace value flows throughout their lifecycle, spanning multiple chains.

Enhanced Investigation

Leverage our database to gain a competitive edge in your investment or business strategy. 

Proprietary Indicators

AnChain's BEI delivers powerful insight into the blockchain ecosystem, including a FICO-like holistic security risk rating that doubles as a dynamic compliance watchlist.

Richard Seiersen

Co-Founder & CEO at Soluble,

Former SVP & CISO at LendingClub, Twilio, GE Healthcare, & Kaiser Permanente.