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A crowd of over 60 digital crime and data science graph leaders came together Thursday to celebrate the sharing of ideas at the second annual Graph the Planet event at Bloomberg R&D in San Francisco, hosted by Graphistry and AnChain.AI.

“Graph is one of the biggest open secrets in our industry — it was exciting to be in what was probably the highest data-scientists-per-square-foot event of all RSA week and have a place to exchange lessons about the true state-of-the-art!” — Leo Meyerovich, co-organizer of GraphThePlanet and founder of the GPU visual analytics startup Graphistry.

“Graph analytics is key to cyber security and the emerging field of blockchain security, as demonstrated in most of the cryptocurrency investigations performed by the AnChain.AI team. With topics ranging from manifold algebra to GPU analytics engines, this event truly represents the Scuola di Atene for graph practitioners. ” — Victor Fang, co-organizer of the GraphThePlanet, Co-founder and CEO of AnChain.AI .

The crowd size was double that of the previous year, with tickets available for only hours at a time. Attendees were primarily leaders and innovators from the Fortune 100, top security & fraud vendors, emerging hard tech startups, and top academic institutions. Entrepreneurs, data scientists, researchers, and engineers brought talks that ranged from data-intensive cybercrime prevention & investigation to data science breakthroughs.

AnChain.AI CEO and Co-Founder Dr. Victor Fang Presenting at Graph the Planet 2020

Graph the Planet provides a venue for the leaders in the knowledge-graph and AI fields to come together in celebration of the past year’s innovations in cybersecurity, reg-tech, and enterprise applications. The speakers and topics discussed are truly at the cutting-edge of their respective fields.

The day was marked by all attendees’ passion, dedication, and an abundance of spirited discussion, and we at AnChain.AI could not be more eager to collaborate with our friends at Graphistry again, and to ensure that Graph the Planet 2021 proves even better.

Videos and slide decks of all presentations will be posted as they are processed in the coming weeks.