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Today the AnChain.AI team is excited to announce Tenzing: our new Web3 Admin Console, designed to empower users with the ability to deploy, manage, and secure fully-customizable smart contract platforms at scale.

Despite a slumping cryptocurrency market, Web3 development continues to accelerate, with use of smart contracts on Ethereum rising by 40% in 2022 so far. There is no better time to tap into the $23 Billion Web3 market than the present, and many of the world’s leading brands have begun to make their first foray into the space.

Organizations looking to unlock their brands’ Web3 potential, however, face a number of obstacles, including a chronic scarcity of developers, leading to both prohibitive engineering labor costs and painstakingly long time-to-market.

Tenzing is designed with these obstacles in mind, built by some of the industry’s leading smart contract researchers and security experts to enable your business to tap into the power of Web3 quickly, securely, and at scale.

Tenzing: Your Guide to Launching Powerful Web3 Experiences

Since the inception of smart contracts, the ability to access the technology’s full capabilities has been limited by the comparatively small developer population. Only developers fluent in the programming languages of smart contracts could begin to take advantage of their far-reaching potential. Even today, as the possibilities offered by Web3 break into the mainstream consciousness, the supply of smart contract expertise falls far short of skyrocketing demand.

Tenzing solves this problem by providing an intuitive, UI-based Web3 Admin Console, allowing users with no previous experience with programming or blockchain to design and deploy customizable Web3 experiences in less than a minute. Without ever writing a single line of code, users can execute smart contract transactions like minting, batch airdropping, listing for sale, burning, and more.

Whatever your business’ smart contract needs may be, Tenzing allows you to bring your vision to life.  Access the largest audited smart contract catalog in the industry, containing a wide range of audited smart contracts across all major blockchains, including Ethereum, Flow, Polygon, Solana, Klaytn, Algorand, and more. 

Design a smart contract project that perfectly fits your audience, complete with a seamless user onboarding experience.  Our strategic partnerships with leading blockchains and payment providers ensure your audience can effortlessly access your unique Web3 experiences with minimal barriers to entry.  No hoops to jump through, no NFT experience required; bring all of the possibilities of Web3 to your audience without the learning curve.

Built-in Bank-grade Security

In an ecosystem that is evolving as quickly as Web3, it can be daunting to keep up with the emerging challenges of security, fraud, and regulatory compliance.

That’s why we’ve designed Tenzing to protect your project, users, and brand reputation from the ground up, built by leading experts in Web3 cybersecurity.  Security is woven into our team’s DNA, and Tenzing employs the same cutting-edge, AI-powered smart contract intelligence and risk monitoring technology trusted by the world’s leading regulators, financial institutions, and enterprises.  Craft your Web3 experience with complete peace of mind, knowing that every smart contract you deploy is backed by bank-grade security.

Tenzing is currently open for early access, and we’d love to help guide your brand to new and unexplored heights!  Sign up here to join the waitlist, and to get the latest updates on new features and key releases.