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We’re excited to welcome Derek Liu to join our team as Data Scientist, leading our efforts to protect digital assets and enabling web3 development! Derek joins the team with years of experience in data science for anti-fraud from Goldman Sachs, PwC, and a fintech startup. We sat down with Derek to ask him about his journey and how his passion for solving contemporary problems in the web3 space propelled him to join AnChain.AI.

Tell us about yourself

My story starts during my undergraduate studies at Emory University where I was fascinated by the intersection of technology, society, and commerce. After I graduated, I worked as a consultant focusing on investigative analytics. As a consultant, I built a strong technical foundation in data science for AML (Anti-Money Laundering), ABAC (Anti-Bribery Anti-Corruption), and anti-fraud-related engagements. After about a year in consulting, I had an exciting opportunity to help launch the Apple Card as a data scientist on the fraud strategy team where I could apply my skillset to stop real-world problems quickly and effectively. Prior to joining AnChain.AI, I was driving the business intelligence effort at a fintech startup. My goal now is to bring all of my past experiences to the forefront of web3 security.

Why AnChain.AI?

AnChain.AI is exactly what I’m looking for in the next step of my career. In addition to my previous experience, I am very passionate about cybersecurity and blockchain technology. AnChain.AI is on the cutting edge of protecting digital assets and enabling web3 development. The company has also assembled some of the brightest minds in the industry and I am humbled to get the chance to work with them personally. From my perspective, I could not have found a better fit!

What excites you most about your new role?

This role gives me a really interesting opportunity to become an expert on blockchain analytics. From consulting to tech startups, I have worked with so many platforms and technologies but never had the infrastructure to access anything like the data we have at AnChain.AI. I feel that analytics in the web3 space is still in its infancy so there will be a lot of contemporary problems to solve.

What’s your favorite part about working here so far?

Always having the insider scoop on what broke in Web3 today. Our internal slack channel is a treasure trove of incidents that definitely should be getting more attention in mainstream media. Of course, this is only possible thanks to the extensive domain knowledge that the AnChain.AI team possesses.

What excites you most when thinking about the future of our company and web3 as a whole?

Ironically, the most exciting aspect regarding the future of AnChain.AI and web3 to me is actually not really knowing what the future holds. Who would have known 5 years ago that pictures of apes saved on a blockchain could be worth millions of dollars today? That being said, despite all of the uncertainty, I am sure that the web3 transformation is underway and confident that AnChain.AI is fully equipped to lead the charge.

What do you enjoy doing outside of work?

Outside of work you will most likely find me eating food in random parts of LA. As a result, if not eating I am probably burning off calories at the gym, in the pool, or on the slopes (skiing). During the pandemic, I also developed an interest in fostering cats and dogs from the local animal shelter.

Welcome onboard, Derek!

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