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Vivian Lin serves as AnChain.AI’s marketing analyst, leading our efforts to weave treasure troves of investigative data points across the entire digital asset ecosystem into compelling snapshots of the Web3 revolution. Vivian joins the team with a background in data science and economics from UC Berkeley, tackling both the technical details and the narrative elements of marketing. We sat down to ask her about her work with the AnChain.AI team, and how her unique perspective shapes her approach to problem-solving, marketing, and beyond.

You have a background in data science and economics. Tell us a little bit about how that has shaped your approach to marketing.

While I have a background in data science and economics, I’m a creative and storyteller at heart. As a result, I’ve found myself in a unique position where I can combine my analytical, data-driven side and my creative, visual side to not only extract valuable insights from data but also leverage it to optimize our marketing strategy and tell data-driven stories that resonate.

Tell us about the day-to-day of your role with AnChain.AI. What excites you about the work that you’re doing?

It’s hard to believe that I’ve been working at AnChain.AI for six months! My job title could be a little deceiving. On a high level, my work spans from content marketing, product marketing, to social media management for both the Crypto Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and NFT side of the business. I’ve been working closely with cross-functional teams and clients on various projects. It’s exciting to be witnessing firsthand the emergence of the Web3 world and working with the team towards our mission to become the guardians of the Web3 digital assets.

Can you pinpoint one challenging aspect of marketing in the cryptocurrency space that most people might not realize?

When I first got into marketing in the crypto space, I was surprised to learn that some of the largest digital advertising platforms are imposing restrictions on how we could advertise cryptocurrency or related products and services on their platforms. It’s definitely a unique challenge that requires us to approach marketing differently, if not more creatively, in this space.

The Web3 & cryptocurrency space has been perceived as a field in which women have really thrived. In your experience is this the case, and how does it differ from more ‘traditional’ tech?

Web3 is an emerging space that welcomes diversity and presents everyone, not just women, with ample opportunities to make an impact in further building and developing the space. The space could seem intimidating and definitely has a steep learning curve at first, but over the past few months, I’ve witnessed an influx of individuals from diverse backgrounds entering and thriving in the space.

What is your favorite part of working at AnChain.AI?

My favorite part of working at AnChain.AI is the people! They are the most talented and supportive yet down-to-earth people I’ve worked with. I also love the fact that we’re at the forefront of an emerging space where I’m always learning something new and have the opportunity to explore and work on a variety of projects that align with my career goals. I’m excited about what the future holds.

Thank you for sharing, Vivian!

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