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Crypto Ransom Response

CRR pursues your adversaries throughout their digital monetization life cycle, deterring future theft attempts, identifying attack vectors, and minimizing financial losses.

All we require from you is the wallet address that ransom funds were sent to. That’s it, really.

Painless Integration

Trace and monitor where funds are flowing, study how the monetization scheme unfolds, and freeze or recover funds at the crypto-fiat exchange, all without lifting a finger. We inform you, as needed.

Automated Case Management

We work with subject matter experts to determine where our tool can be fully utilized within your organization.

Legal & Compliance Support

Ransomware is on the rise, and simply filing a cyber insurance claim is not a sustainable ransom response strategy. Be proactive.

Proactive Cyber Hygiene

Detecting and mitigating ransomware remains a top priority in cybersecurity across all industries and organizations. The practical tools that AnChain.AI has developed for the crypto arena are effective and should be considered as part of every organization's ransomware strategy.

Howie Xu

VP of Machine learning/AI at Zscaler, Former Greylock Partners

Founder/Head of VMware Networking