NFT-Enabled Solutions

We build the technological infrastructure around NFTs (non-fungible tokens) for your brand, whether you’re a sports league, a sports team, an influencer, or simply have a compelling use case for the technology.

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Key Features

Mint NFTs

Transform any digital or real-world into an object (a non-fungible token) on the blockchain.

Trade or gift NFTs

Allow users to buy, sell, or simply gift any NFT on your platform. No need to be a blockchain expert, it’s like buying on Amazon.

Gamification and long-term incentives

If there are no incentives in holding the NFTs, the project won’t last long. We help you design and build gamification features and long-term incentives for your users to hold your NFTs.

Help build fan loyalty

Players and teams can now distribute or sell NFT directly to loyal fans to increase engagement.

Alternative monetization opportunity

Some examples: sponsorship on the NFT itself, commissions from trading NFTs, commissions from gamification, ticketing, royalties on secondary market transactions, etc.

Use Cases

Sports Teams And League

Boost your digital merchandising revenues by creating and selling NFTs representing your players, important moments, and special events in your team/league’s history.

Artists, influencers, authors

Start monetizing directly from the content you create and its future uses.


Capture part of the resale market by issuing tickets for your events that have been recorded on the blockchain.