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Defense In Depth

Modern businesses run on trust. A security breach is a direct violation of this trust, and a PR nightmare. Armed with our solutions, you can:

  • Identify malicious accounts before they act

  • Detect abnormal account behavior 

  • Block high-risk transactions

  • Create customized alert systems to quickly notify your team

  • Prevent fraudsters from abusing promotional efforts

Make Informed Decisions

Empower your business with user behavior analytics that enable you to:

  • Track user retention and engagement

  • Profile user types (i.e. most/least valuable, profitable, etc.)

  • Identify high-risk users

  • Detect malicious users and bots

  • Perform competitive analysis

The Power of The Platform

Introducing Our Award-wining Product

TAP - Transaction Analytics Platform


Connect to both public and private blockchains

Behavior profiling for all accounts and assets

Correlate accounts, assets, and intelligence


Behavior based machine learning

Knowledge graph correlation engine

Threat intelligence


Minimize threat detection times

Full visibility into all interacting accounts

AI engine prioritizes high fidelity alerts


Customized annotation

Cross team collaboration

Case management

How It Works


Award-Winning AI Engine

Developed by the Head of the AI Tactical Team at FireEye, our proprietary AI engine is the backbone of our analytics platform.


Big Data & Knowledge Graph

Enabled by resilient Elastic load balancing cloud and state-of-the-art DevOps, our one-stop platform protects and informs.


Cyber Security Best Practice

Utilizing our expertise in the cybersecurity domain, our machine learning behavior monitor detected the first ever APT (advanced persistent threat) within blockchain.

* This image was created by SAP engine from 2 million transactions

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