Ledger Data Breach: CryptoCurrency Survival Guide

Check here to see if your personal information was leaked in this attack: https://ledgerhack.anchainai.com/

This article may save your crypto assets if you are impacted (very likely!) by Ledger data breach!

Breaking news as of this December, 2020: Popular cryptocurrency hardware wallet, Ledger, had their eCommerce database hacked in June of 2020. Now we are seeing massive customer personal information leaks, including over 1 million emails, and 272,000+ personal information leaks, including shipping addresses for hardware wallets, as well as names and phone numbers associated with accounts.

Sample records from Ledger data breach: US Department of Justice, Homeland Security, Brazil and Singapore government, JP Morgan Chase bank, UC Berkeley, Stanford, and more.

AnChain.AI feels the responsibility to raise public awareness on the upcoming fraud and cyber-crimes. As a leading blockchain cybersecurity company, our threat intelligence depicts the impact is actually underestimated at this moment. This concerns us on a personal level as well. We have employees, investors, friends and families that are impacted by this massive data breach:

“I purchased a Ledger in April of 2019. Months later, I found out I was implicated in the breach. To this day, I receive phishing emails related to this. With this new leak, I’m taking extra precautions.”

- Clayton Leslie, AnChain.Ai Employee

We are publishing a quick tutorial on how to protect yourself from Ledger data breach, together with a free website that allows you to see if you have been impacted.

Check here to see if your personal information was leaked in this attack: https://ledgerhack.anchainai.com/.

If you were implicated like Clayton, you’ll see this:

What to know:

1. Ledger data breach only involves their eCommerce website, NOT their hardware wallet. Your crypto assets in Ledger wallet are AS SECURE AS BEFORE.

2. Ledger data breach is probably the largest cryptocurrency customer data breach in history. Per AnChain.AI threat intelligence, it impacts over 1 million global Ledger customers, in the following sectors: banking, venture capitals, governments, universities, and many individuals, even worse, the massive global impact across USA, Germany, UK, and more.

3, Expect more targeted phishing attacks from various attack vectors: phishing email, phone SIM swap attack and more.

This tutorial will guide you through how to recognize them, and secure yourself in this massive data breach.

Understanding the risk exposure:

These 4 key private pieces of information have been leaked from from Ledger’s customer database:

  1. Name

  2. Email

  3. Home address

  4. Phone number

With the above mentioned 4 different customers’ private information leaked in the Ledger data breach, the AnChain.AI team highlight these four attack vectors that might emerge in the next few months: phishing attacks, phone SIM swap attack, Scammer phone call and Physical attack.

1. Phishing attacks

Attempts will be made to have you download the “latest version” of Ledger or enter your 24-word recovery phrase due to a security breach. There has been no security breach for the ledger device itself. In this case, the attackers are taking advantage of having your email address in order to trick you. Never click links or provide information, despite it appearing to be from Ledger’s official website. Ledger will never force you to provide information in this manner to protect you.