Quant Trading Fuel

Your hedge on crypto market understanding. QTF is a crypto analytics platform that allows you to unravel the cryptocurrency market and discover correlations with digital asset values to minimize your investment risk.
  • Unique data catalog 

    We show you in one single place a unique collection of market, on-chain, order book, and social interaction data that you will not find on any other platform.

  • On-chain advanced intelligence

    In the past two years we have been labeling entities in the major blockchains. We are now publicly showing you what the big players, from exchanges to hackers, are doing in the crypto space.

  • Sentiment analysis

    Discover what the market is thinking on the main social media platforms through our powerful Natural Language Processing engine.

  • Investigation Solutions

    Find in a few seconds the variables that have the highest correlation with cryptocurrency prices on different time intervals.

  • Powerful workbench

    Instantly plot multiple variables on the same chart to check if spikes in one variable imply spikes in others. 

  • Follow an investment strategy 

    Don’t gamble your money, use our investment suggestions powered by state-of-the-art Machine Learning models. 

  • Crypto market intelligence 

    Explore market, on-chain, order book, and social interaction data to get a complete real-time overview of what’s happening in the cryptocurrency market. 

  • Workbench

    Plot multiple variables in the same chart, develop new market indicators, and find unseen correlations with digital asset values.

  • Strategy marketplace

    Explore our strategy marketplace and follow your favorite investment strategy to maximize your returns and decrease your risks.

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