Smart Contract Auditing Sandbox

Insipred by malware sandbox, our sandbox audits the security score of any Solidity-based smart contract, having analyzed the source code of every mainnet EVM smart contract plus the 1M + unique, user-uploaded smart contracts.

AnChain.AI's Enterprise Edition Sandbox enables TokenInsight to perform accurate, automated security audits on tens of thousands of smart contracts on a regular basis, to help the crypto community better understand the risks in the growing DApp ecosystem.


Matt Hu

We have enjoyed working with Anchain.AI and found them to be very professional. They understand that in security, nothing can be taken for granted and comprehensive testing must be performed to validate the integrity of a smart contract.

eric_schiermeyer @2x.png

Eric Schiermeyer

CEO of Gala Games,  Zynga co-founder 

AnChain.AI has completed a particularly complicated audit for the Emanate token contract. The team was thorough, fast, and helpful. Great communication. I would highly recommend their services.


Sean Gardner

Founder of

Security Risk Score

Obtain instant feedback on how secure your smart contract behaves in the wild, rather than relying on theoretical approaches.

Heat Map

Receive an easy to understand heat map visualization of how your smart contract security stacks up relative to all other deployed smart contracts.

Due Diligence

Perform proper due diligence on your own infrastructure, or that of another project, prior to proceeding to mainnet launch or live trading.


Our CAS is free to individual developers curious about learning how to develop secure smart contracts. Because without the promised security, who will use your smart contract?