AnChain.AI Web3 Startup Partner Program

Everything your Web3 business needs to grow from a startup to unicorn and beyond

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Web3 is the next digital frontier

We’re proud to have been providing Crypto Unicorns the necessary preventive Web3 Security and Compliance solutions they needed to succeed in the Web3 frontier

… since the beginning, when they’re a startup

just like you

What We Offer?

Preventive Solutions:

  • API with real-time alerts ensuring Anti-Money Laundering compliance

  • Blockchain forensics and investigation tool with automated tracing

  • Smart contract security audit

  • Infrastructure security audit

  • and more!

Why Join Our Program?

We want to help the next wave of Web3 startups succeed!

We understand the resource constraints you may be facing when it comes to ensuring your startup meets the necessary Web3 security and compliance requirements.

That’s why we are offering our suite of flagship Web3 AML compliance solutions and cybersecurity services to a select cohort of startups at a price that fits your budget, so you can focus on building what’s important.

Who Qualify?

To qualify, your startup must be:

  • Web3/cryptocurrency-related
  • Fewer than 20 employees
  • Operating with <$10 million in funds raised

Spots are limited and offered on a rolling basis.

Not sure if you qualify? Submit the application form and we’re happy to help!

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Testimonials from Our Unicorns

We at Gala Games have enjoyed working with AnChain.AI and found them to be very professional. They understand that in security, nothing can be taken for granted and comprehensive testing must be performed to validate the integrity of a smart contract.

Eric Schiermeyer, Gala Games

CEO of Gala Games, Zynga co-founder
Customer since 2019. Unicorn in 2021

As our global client base expands briskly, we believe that partnering with an industry leading security provider will further strengthen our existing cryptosecurity capabilities and help build long-term trust with our clients worldwide.

Michael Wu, Amber Group

CEO and co-founder of Amber Group
Customer since 2020. Unicorn in 2021

AnChain.AI's comprehensive audit process and certification further strengthen our customers' confidence in our security measures. It was a pleasure working alongside the AnChain.AI team to achieve our commitment towards building the most secure digital assets trading platform.

Prathab Murugesan, FalconX

Head of Engineering at FalconX
Customer since 2020, Unicorn in 2021