"We at Gala Games have enjoyed working with AnChain.AI and found them to be very professional. They understand that in security, nothing can be taken for granted and comprehensive testing must be performed to validate the integrity of a smart contract."

Eric Schiermeyer, CEO of Gala Games, Co-founder at Zynga


Smart Contract Security Auditing

The age of smart contracts is upon us, and hence, the age of DeFi and DApps is approaching.

Open-source projects define these markets, but trust in the markets begins with the promise of secure platforms. That’s where AnChain.AI comes in.


Our CAS™ (contract auditing sandbox) and expert smart-contract researchers are at the ready to help instill trust in your next smart-contract based project. When Eric Shiermeyer, founder of Zynga, needed help securing his newest project Gala Games, a DApp-based gaming ecosystem, he turned to us for his smart-contract security needs. 


We were pleased to audit the ecosystem for vulnerabilities and establish the best in security provisions in order to perfect the project. Smart-contract vulnerabilities present a roadblock to the mainstreaming of projects like Gala Games, for example, the DAO hack cost investors $1.3 billion.


Thankfully, our expertise resulted in Gala Games further improving their security, while passing our final security audit with flying colors. With CAS and our team of smart-contract security experts, we are able to leverage static, dynamic, and statistical analysis alongside business logic expertise, gas analysis, and governance auditing, in order to help projects like Gala Games bring DApps and DeFi into the mainstream. This is essential assurance for the developers and exchanges building the decentralized future.


CAS is the tool of choice for smart-contract developers of any experience level, who prioritize their community and users by enacting 3rd-party audits. Got a smart-contract? Talk to our smart-contract experts and let us help take your project to the security promised land with our deep expertise.

Our security experts use CAS to ensure that no corners are cut on your smart-contract’s security

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