Our expert incident response team got to work. This was a surgical operation (read the article), and cutting-edge tactics were used by the team in order to rescue our client’s funds before the hacker could get to them. Our CISO™ solution, lightning fast incident-response, and DeFi expertise made it happen. We were able to bypass all money laundering efforts (AML) from the hackers, and recover the millions of client-owned stable-coins that were on the verge of being stolen.

Between CISO™ and our groundbreaking DeFi incident response capabilities, we can bring the best in cybersecurity to the most experimental of cryptocurrency projects. Explore the exciting (and sometimes risky) world of DeFi for yourself: run your own CISO™ investigation right now with a free trial here. If things get really bad, as was the case with our client, reach out for our incident response services. We won’t sleep until you sleep peacefully.


$1.2 million DeFi Hack Recovery

The world of DeFi (decentralized finance) began to bloom in the spring of 2020. This complex ecosystem of smart-contracts, “money-legos” (composable, interoperable protocols), and yield-farming opportunities, has attracted billions in investment directly to the protocols involved...despite its experimental and volatile nature. The DeFi world is defined by the opportunity it presents. 

But there is equal opportunity for cyber-criminals to take advantage of the system, and that’s exactly what happened to one important client of ours. An anonymous AnChain.ai client had their MetaMask decentralized exchange (dex) portal hacked, putting $1,200,000 of their funds at risk. Theft is gut-wrenching in any situation, but the complex DeFi world makes the situation much worse. Where does one turn?

Enter CISO™. CISO™’s compliance, investigation and security operation capabilities made it the perfect tool for us to get to the bottom of this situation before disaster struck. We were able to quickly discover the nature of the hack, and luckily learned that our client’s funds were still safe:


Using CISO to locate the hacker, and monitor our clients’ millions of DeFi staked coins

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