Enabling OFAC Compliance via Ransomware Expertise

With OFAC (office of foreign assets control) announcing policy change around ransomware response in October of 2020, we knew that many companies and institutions would be put into a predicament where they could be held accountable for transactions with cyber-criminals, regardless of intent. The best practice of using insurance to pay ransomware cyber-criminals is now illegal. This prompted us to take action on behalf of all who might be affected by these new changes.

Our research and machine-learning toolkit is blazing trails through the ever-changing regulatory landscape.’s deep research into the cutting-edge of Ransomware is the foundation for which we can provide solutions for law enforcement, exchanges, and cyber-insurance brokers to fight back against ransomware in order to avoid OFAC liability. 

We combine years of ransomware research with our forensics tool CISO and our AI-driven risk monitoring API to map the landscape of cyber-crime. Our ability to provide stakeholders with the best in machine-learning powered risk-profiling, in combination with our blockchain forensics capabilities, put the good guys back in the driver seat. 

Avoid OFAC, CFT, and AML liabilities by leveraging our blockchain cybercrime playbook. With our research into the dynamic world of cryptocurrency, ransomware (WannaCry, Locky, Ryuk, and more), and financial regulations, we are empowering insurance providers and other stakeholders with our comprehensive cybersecurity frameworks and tools. Solutions such as CISO, and our BEI™ API, enable your enterprise to protect itself against liability within an unpredictable regulatory environment.


“The practical tools that has developed for the crypto arena are effective and should be considered as part of every organization’s ransomware strategy”

Howie Xu

VP of AI at Zscaler, Greylock Partners founder, head of VMware networking

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