Use cases

Twitter Hack AML Investigation

See how our team leveraged our CISO™ solution to quickly locate and trace these infamous hacked funds for law enforcement.

[ CISO™  + Investigation services ]

Enabling OFAC Compliance via Ransomware Expertise

We combine our deep expertise in ransomware with Machine-Learning enabled tools to help protect institutions from regulatory liability.

[ BEI™ API + Investigation services ]

Smart Contract Security Auditing

We are at the forefront of enabling developers to secure their DeFi projects, DApps for mainstream adoption.

[ CAS enterprise edition ]

Easy Compliance for VASPs

Virtual Asset Service Providers’ require a serious focus on compliance. Take a look at how we enable VASPs to focus on running and growing their business, instead of compliance.

[ BEI™ API ]

$1.2 million DeFi Hack Recovery

Incident response in the DeFi space is uncharted territory, so we’re making the map. See how our team leverages our cutting-edge solutions to protect client funds.

[ CISO™ ]

Explore our products

  • BEI™ API

    Cryptocurrency Anti Money Laundering Made Simple, Fast, and Preventive.

  • CISO™

     AI powered SecOps platform for VASP blockchain compliance, investigation, risk management

  • QTF

    Analytics platform that allows you to unravel the cryptocurrency market and discover correlations with digital asset values.

  • ​CAS

    Auditing Sandbox that has analyzed all main-net deployed smart contracts, and are trusted by DeFi, DApp and leading exchanges. 

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