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Blockchain Ecosystem Intelligence

AI-powered intelligence enhancing blockchain security, risk, and compliance strategies.

Who We Serve

Blockchain Ecosystem Intelligence

Explore. Analyze. Act.

AI-powered, behavior-based intelligence connects cryptocurrency wallet addresses and transactions to real-world entities, enabling your business to secure crypto assets, quantify risk, and remain KYC/AML compliant.

Transaction Analytics Platform

Real-Time Transaction Monitoring.

TAP produces swift, actionable insight into your day-to-day operations, providing automated alerts, anomaly detection, user profiling, and QA/QC.

Smart Contract Auditing Sandbox

Technical Due Diligence.

CAS audits the security score of any Solidity-based smart contract, having analyzed the source code of every mainnet EVM smart contract plus the 1M + unique, user-uploaded smart contracts.

Crypto Ransom Response

Recover Funds Lost To Ransomware.

CRR pursues your adversaries throughout their digital monetization life cycle, deterring repeat and future attempts, identifying attack vectors, and minimizing financial and reputational losses.


AnChain.AI’s analytics and support help us take a proactive stance towards security, ensuring that our customers can trade with confidence.

Shupeng Wu

CTO of Huobi


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