Case Study

Building The Most Secure Web3 Gaming Platform With Gala Games

September 16, 2022


Secure NFT Gaming for Everyone

Gala Games, the leading blockchain-powered gaming platform aims to revolutionize both the gaming and blockchain industries with their NFT games. However, the complexity of blockchain ledgers makes security a challenge. AnChain.AI has been a trusted partner in smart contract auditing, enabling the gaming company to proceed with confidence.

Gala Games was founded by experienced gaming executives and blockchain experts. Its goal and mission is to enable freedom through play and give the power back to gamers.

In its campaign to fundamentally redefine both the gaming and blockchain spaces, the company wanted to make sure that their smart contracts are secure and meet the standard that NFT games should live up to. This is quite a challenge, as blockchain ledgers are too complex for human intervention and traditional auditing tools.

What the platform needed was a trusted auditing partner secure their smart contracts.


Possibility for Error and Risk

Smart contracts have benefited many organizations in the blockchain space. That doesn’t mean they don’t have their pitfalls and loopholes. Smart contract vulnerabilities have been at the root of blockchain’s most notorious compromises including the $1.3 Billion DAO hack, Uniswap DEX hack, and account for billions of dollars in lost funds annually.

For one, smart contracts are, by nature, immutable once deployed. Changing a smart contract’s processes or correcting errors within its code is time-consuming and expensive, to say nothing of the security risks. The possibility of loopholes makes it difficult to ensure that the parties involved are benefiting fairly and ethically from the contract. And third-party providers and vague contract terms can introduce more complexity.

Auditing quality varies wildly in the industry, and many stamp shops exist which provide ‘audits’ that fail to catch critical flaws in smart contract code. Without a good solution, the blockchain gaming enterprise risked executing flawed smart contracts.


The Seeker Finds Its Trusted Partner

Gala Games knew that the composability/interoperability problem presented by smart contracts requires a high level of diligence in auditing code, logic, and math. They wanted to take a far more proactive approach to smart contract security than most in the industry, auditing with intent to find flaws, not gloss over them, and ensuring that all critical smart contracts are subject to the same level of scrutiny.

Gala Games chose AnChain.Al as its trusted auditing partner for their smart contracts. We performed a rigorous security audit of their smart contract, ensuring that all implementations follow best practices on all attack surfaces. By leveraging both the patented CAS auditing sandbox and expert manual audit, it covers: static, dynamic, and statistical analysis, business logic auditing, gas analysis and governance auditing. The successful completion of this security audit provides the highest degree of community confidence and protection.

AnChain.Al’s Next-Gen smart contract intelligence supports the platform’s efforts to create a secure and robust NFT/smart contract ecosystem. AnChain’s solutions meticulously audit at the source code level. while also holistically examining its role in the ecosystem, and how an aspiring attacker may plan to exploit it.

"We at have enjoyed working with AnChain.AI and found them to be very professional."

- Eric Schiermeyer, CEO Gala Games

Over the course of the exhaustive review, the AnChain.Al team detected several vulnerabilities, working in close collaboration with the diligent efforts of the gaming company’s engineering team to resolve all potential compromises.

In the meantime, the platform has further plans to adopt more of AnChain’s solutions into their systems to ensure that their vision for the future of gaming is achieved, as securely and efficiently as possible.