Compliance. Investigation. 

Security Operation 

Your roadmap to the virtual asset economy. CISO connects pseudonymous addresses to real-world entities, and allows you to intuitively graph and investigate cryptocurrency transactions in mere minutes.  


  • Intelligence database

    Our patented behavior-based machine learning has mapped out more than 100 million blockchain addresses. Connect pseudonymous wallet addresses with real-world entities.

  • AML/KYC/CTF compliance

    Complies with all existing global and regional legislation eg. FATF & 5AMLD. Regular updates allow you to quickly adapt to new regulations such as AML, KYC and CTF.

  • Risk Assessment 

    Our machine learning model comprehensively evaluates the risks associated with any addresses using our AI-powered risk engine and proprietary user entity behavior analytics.

  • Investigation Solutions

    Interactive graph-based investigation tools augment your analytics efforts to reveal complex entity relationships involving thousands of addresses.

  • Evidence-based Alerts 

    Live, customizable, round-the-clock alerts powered by our exclusive risk engine.  Effortlessly monitor potentially illicit behavior, large transactions, and more.

  • Customer Data Privacy 

    All sensitive data is kept within the secure network perimeter and encrypted for your safety. 

  • Risk Behavior Profile 

    Scan the entirety of a wallet’s transaction history, affiliates, and behavioral patterns with just the push of a button.

  • Security Operation

    Comply with the latest international and regional regulations, and receive customized suspicious activity alerts around-the-clock.

  • Investigation

    Identify, map, and take action against illicit cryptocurrency flow across any number of hops or obfuscation attempts. 

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