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Secure and Grow Your Blockchain Business

Award-winning AI products trusted by Enterprises, Exchanges, DApps, Researchers, and Investors.

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Protocols/ DApps

Threat Intelligence Protects Your Ecosystem
Leverage knowledge graphs, threat intelligence, and machine learning to rapidly detect suspicious activity.
Actionable Insights Inform Business Decisions

Measure what matters the most to your business, from activity metrics to user behavior.

Enhance Smart Contract Security

Secure the backbone of your entire operation against vulnerabilities within any of its smart contracts.

Crypto Exchanges

Minimize Threat Detection Times
Quickly identify suspicious activity and remediate in order to drive a profitable operation.
Multi Cryptocurrency Support

Monitor and protect across various assets, including BTC, ETH, EOS, TRON, stablecoins, and more.

Secure Infrastructure and Increase New Listings

Ensure internal smart contracts are secure and perform due diligence on the security of any new asset prior to listing.


Deliver Enterprise-Grade Blockchain Solutions
Securely enable innovative solutions within IoT, Supply Chain, Payment, Administrative, Database Security, and other departments.
Identify and Reduce Risk Exposure
Minimize the amount of time it takes to detect, and respond to, anomalous behavior and investigate the root cause.
Establish Company Security Standards
Consult with our team of cybersecurity experts on a wide range of security best practices and create standards that will enhance a successful security strategy.
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From Our Customers

Connect to Any Blockchain

AnChain.AI is blockchain agnostic. We support in-depth monitoring and analytics on a wide variety of public and private blockchains, and are constantly adding further functionality in order to provide you with a holistic view of your entire business operation.

Take Action With Data

Our AI-powered platform automatically analyzes the data generated by any blockchain transaction, provides smart contract audits, and enhances business intelligence to enable interactive analytics for your critical missions. Identify threats, investigate incidents, and generate intelligence for your growth, security, operations, and compliance teams.

Enable Enterprise Blockchain

We have developed enterprise solutions in IoT, Supply Chain, Payment, and Environment Protection that help businesses reduce costs, increase security, net more profits, and streamline innovative solutions. Rather than being product-centric, we are problem centric and will help your business implement the right solution.


TAP | Transaction Analytics Platform

Proactively protect your blockchain ecosystem using knowledge graphs, threat intelligence, and artificial intelligence that continuously operates behind the scenes and minimizes the amount of time required to detect anomalous behavior that warrants further investigation.


CAS | Smart Contract Auditing Sandbox

Automatically scan any smart contract to uncover vulnerabilities, receive actionable recommendations, and quickly remediate in our proprietary sandbox. Increase your technology due diligence process by 10x.


Based in Silicon Valley, the AnChain.AI team hails from the most reputable firms in cybersecurity, big data, and cloud computing bringing a wealth of expertise in APT detection, fraud detection, artificial intelligence, machine learning, knowledge graphs, threat intelligence, and security best practices. 


AnChain.AI is turning research into a software solution that provides a scalable discovery process across cryptocurrency ecosystems.

Richard Seiersen

CISO and Author of “ How to Measure Anything in Cybersecurity Risk ”

With their strong expertise in cybersecurity, data science, and an in-depth understanding of blockchain technology, AnChain’s team brings great value to the blockchain security industry.

Hao Chen

Former CTO of HBUS Exchange

AnChain.AI means visibility at every step of the transaction. From secure smart contracts, to transaction behavior, trends, and monitoring.

Rod Soto

Hacker, Blackhat Speaker

Crypto Expert since 2010


VC's from both Silicon Valley and Wall Street


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