The next-gen smart contract intelligence engine empowering you to conduct proactive smart contract vulnerability assessments and investigations. Manage your exposure to high-risk crypto wallets, identify code vulnerabilities, and monitor client activity, all in one place. Trusted by leading government regulators, financial institutions, and global enterprises, SCREEN™ decodes smart contract code for complex investigations.

Trusted by leaders in government, enterprise, and Web3

As the adoption of Web3 technologies continues to grow, so does the need for robust security measures. At AnChain.AI, we specialize in Web3security, offering cutting-edge tools powered by artificial intelligence to identify vulnerabilities and protect your digital assets.

Trusted By:

Government Agencies

Conduct smart contract crime investigations and enhance regulatory enforcement by penetrating the smart contract layer.

Financial Institutions

Manage your digital asset risk exposure and compliance challenges effectively with our enhance smart contract due diligence tools

Digital Asset Platforms

Utilize the world’s most comprehensive smart contract intelligence to effectively lock out bad actors and illicit funds

Benefits of SCREEN™

Web 3 fundamental instructions

Unrivaled Internal Transaction Forensics

Take your crypto-forensic investigations further with SCREEN's smart contract intelligence capabilities. Trace fund movement, expose hidden fees, uncover admin-only functions, and establish clear chains of custody. Experienced unmatched transparency into the internal workings of smart contracts.

Smart Contract Assurance

Gain immediate insights into a smart contract’s integrity and primary functions. Confirm its alignment with declared objectives and identify potential risk exposures. Our integrated vulnerability scanner promptly pinpoints potential security gaps, offering actionable recommendations to fortifying a smart contract's defenses.

Smart Contract Fundamentals course
Web3 Investigation course

Investigate with Contract Analysis & Insights

Unearth potential leads for your investigation with an in-depth understanding into specific contract functionalities. Visualize complex relationships and hierarchies between functions and contracts, and gain clarity on permissions and controls.

With our audit reports and ChatGPT integration, non-developers can intuitively understand how specific smart contracts function, identify vulnerabilities, and conduct proactive risk assessment.

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AnChain.AI's comprehensive blockchain ecosystem intelligence infrastructure plays an instrumental role in our efforts to build the most secure and easy-to-use crypto platform.

Adel Ghouma

CBO and Co-Founder of

AnChain.AI's analytics and support help us take a proactive stance towards security, ensuring that our customers can trade with confidence.

Shupeng Wu

CTO of Huobi

AnChain.AI's intelligence API engine provides essential AML security for our trading ecosystem.

James Ju

CEO of Bluehelix