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Adding trust to trustless systems 

Our Mission

We aim to provide transparency and establish a common knowledge of trust surrounding blockchains and cryptocurrencies so that all stakeholders can freely integrate with the next iteration of global technological infrastructure. 

What We Do

By providing blockchain data analytics and in-depth cryptocurrency transaction monitoring on a wide variety of public and private chains, we allow the full range of industry stakeholders (i.e. operators, builders, regulators, investors) to confidently interact with the developing digital economy.

Executive Team

  • victor_fang@2x.png
    Victor Fang, Ph.D.

    Co-Founder & CEO

    Victor has over a decade of experience in Data Science leadership roles at FireEye Mandiant, Awake Security, Greylock, Pivotal, and EMC. He holds 15+ patents on AI for cybersecurity and fraud detection solutions. 


    Recognized as the Face of FireEye in 2017, the machine learning models Victor's team innovated now underpin more than $800 million of annual product line, defending against the world's most sophisticated APT malware adversaries.

  • ben_wu@2x.png
    Ben Wu

    Co-Founder & COO

    Ben is an award winning enterprise big data and artificial intelligence product veteran with over two decades of engineering executive experience at leading technology companies in Yahoo, Dell EMC, and Pivotal.


    Ben began his career building out the world’s largest data pipeline in Yahoo’s very first product data analytics pipeline in 2000 and has been at the forefront of cloud computing and big data ever since.


  • David Cass

    VP of Cyber & IT Risk at the Federal Reserve Bank

    Former CISO at IBM

    David Cass brings over 15 years of cybersecurity, risk assessment & management and IT security experience. His team introduced the first financial services blockchain initiative utilizing public cloud supported by several major international banks.

  • Daniel B. Garrie Esq.

    Co-Founder of Law & Forensics

    Daniel B. Garrie Esq. has been a dominant voice in the computer forensic and cybersecurity space for 20 years as both an attorney and technologist. Daniel serves as a Neutral with JAMS  and has mediated complex million dollars cyber security disputes involving insurance carriers in the world. Forbes Technology Council. 

  • Richard Seiersen

    Former CISO at LendingClub, Twilio,

    GE Healthcare, & Kaiser Permanente.

    Richard is an influential cyber security veteran and accomplished author with decades of experience across multiple sectors: FinTech, Internet, healthcare and DoD CISO program at Carnegie Mellon University.

  • Chris McCann

    Founder of Race Capital, RelayNode, StartupDigest, Greylock Partners communities

    Chris is a thought leader in the cryptocurrency, FinTech, and Venture Capital sectors. An early investor in Binance, FTX, and led the community programs at Greylock Partners. Early advisor for the Thiel Fellowship and Stanford StartX.

  • Hao Chen

    Founder at Legend Trading

    Former CTO at Huobi US

    Hao is a technical leader in cryptocurrency OTC desks.  With strong expertise in large scale distributed systems design and implementation, Hao was an early miner of Bitcoin and the eventual CTO of Huobi US.

  • Craig Roche

    Senior Director, InfoSec Governance at

    LendingClub, Wells Fargo, McAfee.

    Craig brings expertise in technology controls, risk, cyber-security and information management with leadership roles at PG&E, Blue Shield of CA, Wells Fargo and McAfee. He has over 25 years of hands-on tech and leadership experience with focus on building capabilities, running programs and aligning business objectives with technology organizations.


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