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As the adoption of Web3 technologies continues to grow, so does the need for robust security measures. At AnChain.AI, we specialize in Web3security, offering cutting-edge tools powered by artificial intelligence to identify vulnerabilities and protect your digital assets.

Our Mission

The use of cryptocurrency by criminal actors continues to increase across the globe.  In its continued efforts with law enforcement, AnChain.AI has seen an increase in cryptocurrency involvement across numerous criminal violations to include; Terrorist Financing, Fraud, Drug/Gun Trafficking, Human Trafficking, Crimes Against Children, and others.

Our goal is to provide the most effective blockchain analytic tools that will enhance investigative methodologies while also providing the quickest, easiest route to identify bad actors.

AnChain AI Hitting a target
8 times faster investigatoons, 150% more funds recovered, 99.8% digital asset coverage with anchainai

Investigate Smarter with AnChain.AI

AnChain.AI’s Web3 Security Suite proactively detects, monitors, and investigates digital asset wallets, transactions, and entities.

Case Studies

 Law Enforcement
Get Secure

United States Government: Uncovering Millions in Criminal Funds

A US Government agency partnered with AnChain.AI’s investigation team, uncovering millions of dollars in previously undetected criminal funds.

 Bridge Hack
Keep Track of Security

Harmony: Responding to a $100 million attack on a cross-chain bridge

AnChain.AI’s incident response team led the post-hack investigation effort in the wake of an attack on Harmony’s cross-chain bridge.  The team’s smart contract and investigative expertise proved critical in a successful fund recovery.

Follow the Money

United States Government: Setting the Standard for Smart Contract Due Diligence

AnChain.AI is leading the implementation of AI-powered smart contract monitoring and investigation tools for a United States Government regulator.  Our patented technology plays a critical role in the development of smart contract security maturity and regulatory compliance standards.

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